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When you enter your email you’ll get instant access to download the student worksheets, which will help you take the topics we’ve covered during our ScienceCast and MathCast episodes even further. These are not just for teachers, but parents wanting enrichment for their kids, homeschool families, scout parents, and more.

Inside the worksheet downloads you’ll find experiment data tables so you can start doing real science, exercises, additional reading, and bonus activity ideas. Best of all, it’s totally free!

These activities and experiments will give you a taste of how science can be totally cool AND educational. But teaching science isn’t always easy. There’s a lot more to it than most traditional science books and programs accomplish. If your students don’t remember the science they learned last year, you have a problem.

If you use a program that is self-guided (that is, it guides you and your students through it step-by-step), you don’t need to be hassled with the preparation. That’s what ScienceCast and MathCast are intended to do for you and your students.

My hope is that you now have some new tools in your teaching toolbox to give your students the best start you can. Have no doubt that that the caring and attention you give to your students’ education today will pay off many-fold in the future.

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