Products & Workshops

We offer a number of amazing science products to get your kids excited and learning real science!

e-Science Online Learning Program My award-winning online K-12 science program is packed with over 1,000 science activities, experiments and projects, thousands of pages of lesson plans, data lab sheets, quizzes, exercises, and reading material, and an unlimited number of questions kids can ask, so your children always have something new and exciting to learn! You won’t believe how much kids can have while learning science. If you love our casts, then this is the next step. Even if your child attends public school, many parents use this as enrichment for their students.
Supercharged Science Camp Join me for a summer week filled with real science your kids will never forget! It’s jam-packed with loads of totally fun activities that are also educational. Your kids will be having a great time, while at the same time keeping their science learning going even during the summer.  The best part is that you get vacation in one of the most spectacular and most relaxing places on Earth.
The $7 Science Activity & Experiment DVD Program and Guidebook I’ll show you how easy it can be to go from “Frustrated” about not having enough time or background for Science… To “Fascinated” by how your kids learn science better than EVER before because now they’re enjoying it!
Science Activity and Experiment Guides that are smaller, bite-size versions of our massive online e-Science learning program. Includes step-by-steo videos and a PDF guildebook that your students can follow to complete the activities. There are several different volumes to choose from, and each has its own unique set of experiments.
The Ultimate Science Curriculum is a DVD video-based science curriculum that explains topics to kids in a hands-on real-world way using step-by-step video lessons to guide them through every detail of each lesson, experiment and project. Then it introduces academics to support the lesson your child is working on. Great for teachers and homeschool families. There are currently 20 different DVDs to choose from, including topics like Energy, Forces, Biology, Microscopes, Magnetism, Electricity, Chemistry, Astronomy, and more.