“This was awesome! It works perfectly for us. My 12 year old is loving this program. It is so much better than the book work we struggled with last year. He is actually choosing to do science whenever he has a chance now that he has discovered what the program has to offer. We found all the parts at home, our local pharmacy and pet store(tubing). Thank you so much for this great program.” Darlene Young

“Thanks, Aurora! I have to say that you have the best ever customer service and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE calling your number and hearing your cheerful voice and funny wit on the message! Makes my day every time I’ve had to call, which by the way, hasn’t been often. That’s because your customer service is SO phenomenal!” Tammy

“Supercharged Science’s e-Science program is fantastic! My son (9) and I both love it! The experiments are very engaging. I have found this program very user friendly and most of the experiments can be done with things already in the house. The short videos help you get started on the experiments teaching the how and the why of it. (We usually watch the end of the video after we complete our own experiment). I also like the reading and worksheets they provide. Thought the video on how to do a science journal and using the scientific method was very helpful….I tried their free trial month a while ago and wanted to continue but the price seemed just too high. After trying a couple other science programs and watching my son lose interest in science, I bit the bullet and signed up… Couldn’t be happier with this program and watching the excitement in my son’s eyes return. I would always recommend doing the free trial first to see if is the right fit for your family. There is no risk and it is easy to cancel.” Happy Mom, Homeschool Buyer’s Coop

“Aurora knows her stuff. The video demonstrations are clear, engaging and inspiring. The text is easy to understand. The experiments go from fun to hilarious! The online section will never let you get bored… The customer service is better than we’ve found in any business, whether homeschool resource-oriented or not. You will have that taken-care-of feeling. Put it all together, and you have the best deal anywhere. Oh, did I mention? We’re really happy with our purchase.” ~Helen Dallman

“Supercharged Science is a science program like no other. There is no textbook to bore your child. No long, dry scientific explanations, just straightforward, simple language… This program is very different from any other science program I’ve seen. (My daughter) enjoys the hands-on activities. Until now, all of her science has been book based with some experimentation to back up the written word. Supercharged Science reverses this; it encourages the student to journal what was learned in the hands-on activities. This makes her think about the cause and effect relationships, and why things happen. It has really given her the best exposure to the scientific method. Supercharged Science gives her the experience of using activities to make connections she would only read about in other science curricula.”

“I just started using your science curriculum a few weeks ago as part of our homeschooling activities and so far, it’s been a hit. My oldest son (8 years old) has been obsessed with science for as long as he could talk. We have therefore done a lot of experiments together and for the past few years worked our way through different curricula covering some chemistry, biology and astronomy. However, my youngest son (6 years old) who is naturally much more interested in the arts, music and languages, has found our time spent on science to be really boring and frustrating, and would more often than not end up doing something else during it. Eager to find a way to get him interested in the subject just enough to ensure his participation during homeschool, I looked at countless science curricula for kids and found yours to be the most attractive. It provided the kind of real substance required to keep my oldest son engaged but delivered in such a way as to draw the attention of my youngest. On our first homeschool day of the New Year, I had planned to watch your teleclass on astronomy. When I announced that it was time to start watching, my youngest son immediately announced that he hated science and that he would just keep on drawing instead. I convinced him to give you a try so he sat down with us and started listening. It engaged both kids equally. They were excited by the content and answered loudly and with great enthusiasm every question you asked. In fact, when the class was over, they both wanted to another! Since then, we have been working our way through the first unit of the program, with similar results. So thank you for creating this  curriculum.” ~Annie

“So far…it is excellent…the most organized and well-thought out program I have ever seen in my 25 years of home education. Can’t wait to learn right along with my sons.” Tina Crowder

“My boys have been picking away at the electricity experiments and they threw a FIT when I told them it was time to put it away because it was time for dinner. I am not happy about their bad attitudes, but I have been homeschooling for 8 years now and they have NEVER reacted with such vehemence about wanting to CONTINUE school as they did with your science. I was completely overjoyed that they were enjoying it so much.” ~Samantha Sampson

“Hey Aurora: My kids used your projects and worked very hard. It paid off and my son, who did the crystal radio, won 1st place in 8th Grade and 1st place overall the whole middle school. My daughter won 2nd place in her 6th Grade class. She did the Light Speed in a chocolate bar. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much. They learned lots and we are so proud of them.” Sue Bridgman

“I found Supercharged Science a year ago. I liked the concepts and the experiments looked fantastic, but was a little hesitant about the price. WHAT WAS I THINKING? After mediocre experiments in other science programs, I finally ‘gave in’ and signed up for the eScience summer camp so I could try it out. My kids love Supercharged science and I regret that I didn’t start a year ago. I now regret that we missed a year of awesome, Supercharged Science. We are definitely using Aurora’s program next year and beyond as our main curriculum. I am learning with my kids and we are all have having a blast. I wish all our subjects could be this much fun. Thanks Aurora for being really committed to teaching our kids and bringing us these quality programs in such an easy to use format.” Kim Bauer, California, Home school mom