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Science Guide

You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. Start reading and when you’re ready to do an experiment, watch the videos below. Enjoy!

Plasma Grape Experiment

Create the fourth state of matter in your microwave!
NOTE: Do NOT do this experiment with a new or expensive microwave, or an old one that barely works (it might just be enough to push it over the edge!)

Disappearing Beaker Experiment

Make objects disappear by bending light.

Cold Light Experiment

Mix together three colors of liquid light!

Static Motor Experiment

Move objects move and turn by using a static charge.

Homemade Speakers Experiment

Build your own speakers from a plate!

Want More Science Videos?

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Thanks for the privilege as serving as your coach and guide in your science journey. May these videos bring you much excitement and curiosity in your learning adventure!

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