Thank you!

Do you remember your first experience with real science? The thrill when something you built yourself actually worked? Can you recall a teacher that made a difference for you that changed your life?

First, let me thank you for caring enough about your child to be looking for resources like this guide book. As a parent or teacher, you know this is a huge commitment to finding the materials your students need to excel in the field of science. Rest assured at your efforts really do make a difference.

Think of this activity book as the “Idea Book”, meaning that when you see an experiment you really like, just take it and run (along with all its variations). For example, if you find yourself drawn to building your own speakers, our ideas are just the beginning. Try building your speakers in various sizes, with different wire, and so forth. Does the strength of the magnet matter?

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This book has free videos that go with it to show you step-by-step how to do each experiment. Your access code to view the videos is: SSCAST